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Sep 21, 202131m
We Burned $140 Million Learning What Not to Do in a Startup (with James Beshara)
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We burned through $140 million dollars making these mistakes, so you don't have to. 


On this bonus episode, I'm joined by my friend James Beshara, CEO of Tilt, who also recently started Magic Mind. We talk about the mistakes we've made as founders, and our learnings through blood sweat, and tears. Here are some of them:


  1. Don't wait forever to start your company.
  2. Commit to truth, not consistency.
  3. Don't start a services company.
  4. Never lose your focus.
  5. Don't start companies with co-founders that you've just met
  6. Always do background reference check.
  7. Don't raise money just because you can.
  8. ...


Check out the full episode for more! (Here's the YouTube version


You can find James on Twitter and Instagram.


Go try out Magic Mind and use my code JUSTIN for 50% off. 


A thank to our sponsors Universe and CashApp for making this podcast possible.


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