The Quest with Justin Kan

The Quest with Justin Kan

Jul 27, 20212h
Twitch Co-Founders Reunion (Bonus Episode) | with Michael Seibel, Emmett Shear, and Kyle Vogt
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When launched in 2007, we had no idea what it would eventually become.


Don’t be fooled; the journey was far from glamorous. In this episode I sit down with my good friends and Twitch co-founders Michael, Emmett, and Kyle to reminisce on the glory days of building and Twitch. We laugh about behind the scenes stories you haven’t heard anywhere else, reflect on the best and worst moments, how we worked well as a team, discuss joy and motivation, and fantasize about solving the problems of tomorrow. 


You’ll hear the importance of building ‘bad’ things quickly, developing the right mindset for building a startup, and how to stay curious.


Check out the full episode on Justin Kan's YouTube channel here.


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