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Feb 1, 202252m
Inside @Sahil Bloom’s Mind: Buying the X Games as a DAO & Finding Meaning
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Welcome to The Quest Pod Season 2: Episode 38 with Sahil Bloom.


Sahil spent 7 years at Altamont Capital Partners, an investment fund managing over $3.5B.  


He is now a Partner at The Room Where It Happens (https://theroomwhereithappens.co/), a community designed to spark conversation and bring entrepreneurial minds together. Sahil is also an active angel investor in 35+ tech start-ups.  


To share his learnings and insights in business, finance and tech, Sahil runs a media platform with ~ 400K followers across his Twitter and newsletter, sharing insights into business, finance and tech.


In this conversation, Sahil discusses his experience telling meaningful stories, the untapped potential of DAOs, writing Tweet threads and dealing with failure in public.  


The incredible stories on this podcast are made possible by our sponsors, check them out to support The Quest:


Magic Mind: https://magicmind.co/


Check out Sahil’s LinkedIn ► https://www.linkedin.com/in/sahilbloom/  

Follow Sahil on Twitter ► https://twitter.com/SahilBloom 

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