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Nov 11, 2016
Exec Cleaning, or the challenges scaling a real world business
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December 27, 2012

We’ve just launched our new cleaning service for the rest of the Bay Area. It’s been several months of work to make our software robust enough that it can survive the real world.

Some of the things I’ve learned about building a technology business that touches the offline world with Exec:

  • Software that manages people’s livelihoods needs to be very robust. I thought people were mad when a 100k concurrent stream at Justin.tv would go down; downtime here is far worse.
  • You can’t just release new changes every day. People working on the platform need time to learn new systems. In consumer tech, everyone looks up to Facebook and aspires to “move fast and break things.” With Exec, we have to think about how everyone is going to be taught about every change.
  • When software goes down, the real world continues. Which is a total shit storm. We’ve dealt with AWS outages by assigning jobs by phone and tracking time spent with pencil and paper, and then updating all our records by hand after the fact.

These lessons in mind, it is still imperative to move as quickly as possible. As with any startup, you are still racing to determine if your business ideas is even at all viable, and every moment you aren’t gathering data is a moment wasted. The trick is to figure out the quickest ways to address the problems above.

Here are the areas we now cover in the Bay:

Exec Cleaning San Jose San Jose, Exec Cleaning Palo Alto and Exec Cleaning Mountain View are coming soon.

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