The Quest with Justin Kan

The Quest with Justin Kan

Jul 13, 202151m
Conor White-Sullivan: Networked Thought (Part 1) | Roam Research, Evangelical Churches, Augmenting Collective and Individual Intelligence
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You are listening to Part 1 of the episode. The full uncut conversation is available on The Quest Youtube Channel.

Conor White-Sullivan is the founder of Roam Research, a note-taking app that is taking the world by storm. Deeply curious about the ideas of ‘networked’ and structured thought, Conor spent nine months immersing himself and studying Evangelical Christian communities. The insights and learnings he gained laid the foundation and philosophy behind Roam.

In the first part of our conversation, we discussed interesting concepts about augmenting collective and individual intelligence, and the relationship between community, purpose, and institutional religion. I really loved this conversation because of how unrestrained Conor was in exploring his thought-provoking ideas; this is definitely one of my favorites. Stay tuned for Part 2, releasing next week!

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