The Quest with Justin Kan

The Quest with Justin Kan

Aug 10, 202156m
Austen Allred: Lambda School, Y-Combinator, Free Education, Programming, Software
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Austen Allred is the founder and CEO of Lambda School, an online coding school that doesn’t charge students tuition until they get hired. Growing up Mormon, Austen worked as a missionary and lived out of a car before applying to Y-Combinator. These experiences taught him about resilience, which kept him laser focused on candidate success through media praise and controversy. 


Austen’s mission to democratize education really resonates with me. In this episode, we discuss moving to the Valley, going through Y-Combinator and being caught in the political tensions surrounding free education. We dive into the concepts of ISAs, the future of education and American Dream as a service.


You can follow Austen on his Twitter, and check out Lambda School here.

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