The Quest with Justin Kan

The Quest with Justin Kan

Aug 17, 202150m
Alexis Ohanian: Reddit Founder, Y-Combinator, Seven Seven Six, Parenting, Investing
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I’ve known Alexis Ohanian for almost fifteen years, ever since we were in the trenches together as part of the first Y Combinator cohort. He is best known as the co-founder of Reddit, a fellow former partner at YC, and the founder of his new venture fund, Seven Seven Six. 


Alexis and I became close friends during our time at YC together, and I witnessed the trials and tribulations he went through while building Reddit first-hand. I’ve had the pleasure of watching my friend grow into a great founder, leader, investor, and parent. In this episode, Alexis opens up about his personal struggles during the early days of Reddit, the challenges of modern parenthood, and the philosophy behind Seven Seven Six. I really appreciate Alexis for being so vulnerable in this episode, and I think it is a powerful message that all founders need to hear.


Follow Alexis on Twitter here, and find out more about Seven Seven Six here.


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