Job Post: Media Relations and Snap God was nine years too early.

After learning about Snapchat Stories, I’ve become obsessed with Snapchat. As a social tool, it fulfills a need outside of messaging (1-1 and group communication) and Facebook / Twitter / Instagram (social validation). As a platform, I think Snapchat is on the tipping point of going mainstream.

I love putting my random adventures in travel, startups and entrepreneurship on my Snapchat Story. It’s led to a lot of positive feedback and serendipitous interactions. So, after discussing this with a few people and not coming up with any good reasons not to do it, I’ve decided to restart as a Snapchat channel.

I’m looking for someone to help me do it. You will:

You are:

I’ve got a pretty full roster of interesting things to do. In the last six months I’ve been to six countries, invested in a dozen startups and launched a couple apps. I’m open to new ideas. This should be an opportunity for someone who wants to learn more about startups and tech to learn a ton and get exposure to the industry from the inside. In addition to putting the startups I’ve invested in on our channel, you’ll spend time with some of them working on their media strategies. This might be a shitty job or it might be a dream job. Whatever happens, it should be fun, and a learning experience.

Restarting might be a terrible idea. I’m actually undecided. But, it worked out well the first time.

If you want to apply, email Send me:

Testimonial from other Justin Kan employees:

“Justin is a source of daily inspiration (DJ Khaled has nothing on JKan) and pretty funny too! Beyond that, he truly cares about the growth and development of the people around him and is always looking to try something new.”

Nick Cortes, Business Analyst, Justin Kan Enterprises

Find me on Snapchat here

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